Congratulations to Six Ohio ALL IN Campus Democracy Challenge Awardees

The All In Campus Democracy Challenge aims to recognize colleges and universities that make a commitment to increasing student voting rates and engage students in democratic engagement. The Challenge is a national awards program and in Ohio, six campuses have been recognized for their achievements in student voting engagement. Hiram University, Miami University and The Ohio State University were each named as Bronze Seal campuses. This designation celebrated voter participation at 50-59%. Silver Seals were granted to Cleveland State University, Mount St. Joseph University, and Otterbein University. These three campuses featured 60-69% voter participation. Miami University was also acknowledged as the Most Innovative program. Ohio Campus Compact congratulates these winning campuses on their achievements.
The push to get youth on college campuses voting has sparked many different campus initiatives on a national scale. These projects aim to register college-age voters and initiate involvement in democratic processes outside of the confines of election years. Innovative campaigns at the college level are an important step in making civic engagement tangible for students. In the 2016 election, fewer than 45% of 18-29 year old eligible voters participated. This demographic has shown record lows in voter turnout in recent years and consistently lower voting rates than all other age groups since 1962. Barriers that inhibit their participation include a lack of knowledge surrounding the voter registration process and voting day hurdles from identification to transportation. Empowered with the knowledge and the capability to vote, students have the chance to impact elections in a big way. Their participation can influence issues and cement their involvement in civic life.
College campuses are at the core of motivating students to get involved in democratic action, from voting to calling up senators.  A key component to democratic participation is a sense of having a stake within the community and the potential of community building is one of the college environment’s great assets in nurturing civic roots.  Students are introduced to the benefits of civic engagement in myriad ways during their college experiences, and it is imperative that campuses offer opportunities to build from introduction to action. The ultimate award of college and university participation in voting projects is a campus that is “all in” on bringing all voices to the civic conversation. Learn more about the Challenge.

Blog written by Ava Carvour
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