How Learning Happens

How Learning Happens: Supporting Students’ Social, Emotional, and Academic Development From the Aspen Institute, 2017

The Evidence Base for How We Learn

The Evidence Base for How We Learn: Supporting Students’ Social, Emotional, and Academic Development From the Aspen Institute, 2017

Academic Libraries and the 2020 Census: Reaching College Students

New tip sheet from the American Library Association.  

Publication: Deepening Deliberation in Community Colleges

Publication from the Kettering Foundation. Read more 

Professional Development for Comm Engagement Professionals Marshall Welch’s Engaging Higher Education: Purposes, Platforms, and Programs for Community Engagement

Assessing Service-Learning and Civic Engagement: Principles and Techniques

Description: This book offers a broad overview of many issues related to assessment in higher education, with specific application for understanding the impact of service-learning and civic engagement initiatives. This revised edition includes an additional chapter that explores recent changes in the assessment landscape and offers examples and resources for designing assessment strategies for community engagement in higher education. The original text includes narrative addressing assessment issues and strategies; a detailed discussion of learning from multiple research projects performed over the past two decades about impact on multiple constituencies –students, faculty, communities, and institutions; and a discussion of strategies for…

The Elective Carnegie Classification: Constructing a Successful Application

New publication from Campus Compact! Edited by Matthew Johnson & John Saltmarsh About the publication: The Carnegie Engagement Classification is designed to be a form of evidence-based documentation that a campus meets the criteria to be recognized as a community engaged institution. Editors Saltmarsh and Johnson use their extensive experience working with the Carnegie Engagement Classification to offer a collection of resources for institutions that are interested in making a first-time or reclassification application for this recognition.  Learn more

Free Speech & Inclusion on Campus Guide

Resources from Minnesota Campus Compact

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The Cambridge Handbook of Service Learning and Community Engagement

With contributions from leading experts across disciplinary fields, this book explores best practices from the field’s most notable researchers, as well as important historically based and politically focused challenges to a field whose impact has reached an important crossroads. The comprehensive and powerfully critical analysis considers the history of community engagement and service learning, best teaching practices and pedagogies, engagement across disciplines, and current research and policies – and contemplates the future of the field. The book will not only inform faculty, staff, and students on ways to improve their work, but also suggest a bigger social and political focus…

The Community Engagement Professional in Higher Education: A Competency Model for an Emerging Field

This book, offered by “practitioner-scholars,” is an exploration and identification of the knowledge, skills, and dispositions that are central to supporting effective community engagement practices between higher education and communities. The discussion and review of these core competencies are framed within a broader context of the changing landscape of institutional community engagement and the emergence of the Community Engagement Professional as a facilitator of engaged teaching, research, and institutional partnerships distinct from other academic professionals. This research, conducted as part of Campus Compact’s Project on the Community Engagement Professional, seeks to identify the shared knowledge and practices of Community Engagement…

Raise Your Voice: A Student Guide to Making Positive Social Change

This hands-on guide speaks directly to student leaders seeking to improve the effectiveness of their engaged work while enhancing their academic and civic learning. Based on three years of activity in Campus Compact’s hugely successful Raise Your Voice civic action campaign, which mobilized hundreds of thousands of students across the country, this book is full of targeted strategies, tools, and activities for organizing change on campus. From holding civic dialogues to meeting with elected officials, from mapping assets and allies on campus to organizing alternative breaks, this book offers tips and step-by-step advice — from students, for students — for…

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