Engagement Scholarship Consortium Conference 2019 Call for Proposals

*This is an external event  – please see links in this post. Welcome to the 20th Annual Conference of the Engagement Scholarship Consortium Deepening Our Roots: Advancing Community Engagement in Higher Education Deadline for proposals is Friday March 15 Learn more

Addressing the Challenges of Poverty Conference

*This is an external event, LEARN MORE here. The call for presenters is now open. The deadline is April 30, 2019, but you can submit your proposal anytime. Addressing the Challenges of Poverty brings together all sectors of a community in one venue for networking and learning in order to create healthier, stronger communities, colleges, and schools. LEARN MORE

Propel Regional Gathering: Southeast Ohio

*Sponsored in part by Ohio Campus Compact. See the bottom of this post for registration info.

Propel Regional Gathering: Southwest Ohio

*Sponsored in part by Ohio Campus Compact. See the bottom of this post for registration info.

Propel Regional Gathering: Central Ohio

*Sponsored in part by Ohio Campus Compact. See the bottom of this post for registration info.

Propel Regional Gathering: Northwest Ohio

*Sponsored in part by Ohio Campus Compact. See the bottom of this post for registration info.

Propel Regional Gathering: Northeast Ohio

*Sponsored in part by Ohio Campus Compact. See the bottom of this post for registration info.

Ohio River Valley Service-Learning Conference

*sponsored in part by Ohio Campus Compact – see the bottom of this post for registration info. The Greater Cincinnati Service Learning Network in partnership with the Kentucky and Ohio Campus Compacts present the Ohio River Valley Service Learning Conference. On February 7th, 2019 10am-4pm, there will be a pre-conference held for participants to meet with one of the featured keynote speakers and prepare for next day presentations at the Kentucky Innovation Network in Covington, KY. Northern Kentucky University will host the Ohio River Valley Service Learning Conference on February 8th, 2019 8:30am-4pm. Campus Connections for the Common Good Introducing this years theme, Campus Connections for the Common Good. We are highlighting the diverse ways…

2019 Midwest Campus Compact Conference

Save the Date: 2019 Midwest Campus Compact Conference Proposals now open! Due February 8. Join us in Minnesota May 30-31, 2019 for our next regional conference for networking, learning, and building the field of community engagement in higher education. Registration opens Winter 2019. Check out the conference website. The 2019 Midwest Campus Compact Conference is a collaboration between: Campus Compact of the Great Plains, Campus Compact of Illinois, Campus Compact of Indiana , Campus Compact of Iowa, Campus Compact of Michigan, Campus Compact of Minnesota, Campus Compact of Missouri, Campus Compact of Oklahoma, Campus Compact of Ohio, Campus Compact of Wisconsin.

Transformational Intergroup Dialogue Workshop and Facilitation Trainings

Transformational Intergroup Dialogue Facilitation is  a three-part series designed to help practitioners create effective spaces for learning and authentic engagement across differences based on race, gender, socioeconomic status, religion, ability and sexual orientation.  Transformational Intergroup Dialogue is a social justice education approach which promotes intergroup cooperation and understanding through dialogue. Trainings have been offered in various settings across the United States over the past 3 years to support educators, leaders, activists, and entrepreneurs interested in improving intergroup relations within their classrooms, organizations, and communities. This multi-level training program integrates academic and experiential learning and intergroup dialogue practice. Participants explore personal and interpersonal capacities for diversity and intergroup…

Carnegie Foundation Summit on Improvement in Education

The sixth annual Carnegie Foundation Summit on Improvement in Education will be held on April 16-18, 2019. This three-day event brings together a diverse and vibrant community of educators, researchers, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and policymakers dedicated to accelerating improvement in education.

Webinar: Ohio State University Extension: Opportunities for Higher Education Partnerships

OSU Extension works in four major program areas: family and consumer sciences, 4-H youth development, community development, and agriculture and natural resources.  Many Ohio colleges and universities work to address these same areas through community-engaged teaching, research, and partnerships.  In this webinar representatives from OSU Extension will share information on Extension’s mission; show Extension’s impact areas within the state; give participants a better idea on how to connect their work with the work of Extension; and learn about best practices on identifying opportunities to approach/work with Extension. Presenters: Kenneth Martin, PhD Associate Director, Programs and Department Chair, OSU Extension Anthony…

Eastern Region Campus Compact Biennial Conference

Education for Democracy: Innovating in Complex Times The ERCC conference aims to showcase practices advancing the field of community and civic engagement.  Through a mix of session topics and formats, networking opportunities, and a variety of speakers, ERCC conference participants will explore key topics related to community-engaged scholarship, learning that promotes civic & democratic engagement, and programs and partnerships that enhance both community & campus.

Bridges Out of Poverty Trainer Certification

This workshop prepares individuals to present the information from Bridges Out of Poverty to individuals in their own organizations. The training includes in-depth work on the Bridges Out of Poverty (Day One) and Applying Bridges Concepts (Day Two) workshop. Comprehensive research and training materials are provided. Need help meeting your prerequisite? Use the discount code BRIDGESTRAINER to receive 50% OFF the Bridges Audio Workshop Kit. See “Prerequisites” tab above for more details. Participants will: Gain a deep understanding of the Bridges strategies and processes Develop effective poverty reduction strategies for your organization and community Network with and learn from others passionate about ending poverty Become…

Values-Based Academic Leadership Institute

Tentative Agenda Conference Hotel: TRYP by Wyndham Maritime  Choose the dates: Arrival: 10/04/2018 or 10/05/2018  and departure: 10/06/2018 Use the code: 100418NAT Institute ​participants ​will ​explore ​the ​practices ​of ​a ​values ​driven ​leader, ​one ​who can produce transformative ​change ​by ​creating ​an ​environment ​of ​honesty, ​truth, ​and ​trust. Whereas ​other ​academic ​leadership ​development ​programs ​in ​higher ​education ​focus primarily ​on ​building ​management ​skills ​and ​acumen ​for ​the ​purpose ​of career advancement, ​the ​Values-Based Academic ​Leadership ​Institute ​does ​much ​more. ​ ​We take ​a ​holistic ​approach ​to ​all ​levels ​of ​academic ​leadership ​by ​grounding ​theory, ​practice, and ​institutional ​mission ​in ​personal ​and professional ​values ​to ​foster ​authentic, successful ​leadership.

Census 2020 and Higher Education

Part of the 2018-19 Campus Compact Webinar Series Through this webinar, we will discuss the vital role that colleges and universities can play in ensuring a fair and complete count in the 2020 Census. A complete count is essential to ensuring that states maintain their federal funding levels and their representation in federal government. By working with students, staff, faculty, administrators, and most importantly, community partners, colleges and universities can support their communities in maintaining important resources. In this webinar, we will explore available resources as well as highlight schools gearing up for this work in 2020. SHERRIE J. TAYLOR…

Exploring the Connection: Community engagement and college completion

Part of the 2018-19 Campus Compact Webinar Series Colleges and universities face the significant challenge to help students from all backgrounds enter and complete college in a timely manner. This webinar will highlight the potential that community engagement offers to increase college completion rates, using specific research studies that have contributed to the growing body of evidence that connects community engagement with student success for all students. LYNN E. PELCO HELEN ROSENBERG TRAVIS T. YORK DEBORAH SCIRE Learn more about the series

Integrating Civic Outcomes Across a Major or Program: Curriculum design and mapping for civic learning

Part of the 2018-19 Campus Compact Webinar Series In this webinar attendees will focus on identifying, articulating, and mapping civic learning and developmental outcomes (civic identity, civic-mindedness, civic agency, civic literacy, intercultural competency, etc.) for their program of study or major. A curriculum map is a tool to assure the content of a program of study or major is being presented and assessed, all content is linked to learning goals (e.g. institutional, accreditor), and that content is sufficient to reach learning and developmental goals. A curriculum mapping exercise can show gaps in learning, overlaps in content, and indicate where weaknesses…

Placed-Based Community Engagement in Higher Education

Part of the 2018-19 Campus Compact Webinar Series Widely known through the work of the Harlem Children’s Zone and the federal government’s Promise and Choice Neighborhood programs, geographically specific community engagement initiatives have the potential to positively address the challenges of inequity and injustice within our communities. While we may be familiar with these types of place-based initiatives from non-profit organizations or governmental grants, less is known about this type of strategy in higher education. This webinar will include a presentation of a recent national study and the facilitators’ recent book on place-based community engagement in higher education, followed by…

Students and Spirituality: Student motivation to do good

Part of the 2018-19 Campus Compact Webinar Series This webinar is an opportunity for Interfaith Youth Core (IFYC) and Campus Compact to explore the intersection of faith and service as it relates to student motivation to engage in civic engagement. Dr. Janett Cordovés will introduce the work of IFYC and research they have done around how students in faith communities engage with their campuses and communities through civic engagement. Dr. Cordovés will be joined by staff and students to talk about their experiences. JANETT I. CORDOVÉS Learn more about the series

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