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Critical Reflection Design  

Tenure Guidelines from UW Madison with CE and SL

Tenure-guidelines_SocSci-2020-2021-May 2020 PSci-Tenure-guidelines-2020-21. May 2020 BSci_tenure-guidelines-2020-2021-May 2020 AH_Tenure-Guidelines-2020-2021 May 2020

Merrimack College Master’s degree in Community Engagement Online Courses Fall ’19

The Merrimack College Master’s degree in Community Engagement is offering three four-credit courses, delivered online, this fall. For more information and to register for a course, please contact Alex Harrigan at harrigana {at} merrimack(.)edu. CME 506G Community Organizing & Development; Online; Thurs 8:30-9:50 required weekly virtual session; This course examines place-based community organizing and development from a social justice perspective. Through case studies, students learn about current issues and approaches to community change. The course emphasizes organizing in low-income communities and provides an assets-based approach. The course will address key issues such as housing, economic development, neighborhood revitalization, and sustainability, with a…

Professional Development for Comm Engagement Professionals Marshall Welch’s Engaging Higher Education: Purposes, Platforms, and Programs for Community Engagement

aha! Process Trainings and Certifications

Our mission is to enable individuals, institutions, and communities to stabilize and grow resources for all, particularly those in poverty. Check out the trainings and certifications available both in person and online. Poverty, middle class, and wealth are about an abundance or lack of resources.  Our work helps individuals, businesses, students, and communities build resources for a more successful, sustainable future. aha! Process is an award-winning training and publishing company providing workshops, publications, and consulting services to help improve lives and build sustainable success in communities, schools, and higher education.  We do this by creating an understanding of the dynamics that cause…

Indicators of an Engaged Campus self-assessment

Complete this self-assessment form and gain a snapshot of your institution’s civic vitality and learn where to direct your energy and think aspirationally. Download the form.