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2020 David Hoch Memorial Award for Excellence in Service

Ohio Campus Compact is pleased to announce the two David Hoch Memorial Award for Excellence in Service Recipients for 2020! The David Hoch Memorial Award for Excellence in Service is designed to recognize and honor the outstanding work in service-learning and/or civic engagement performed by a faculty or staff member at an Ohio Campus Compact member institution.  This award is named for the late David Hoch, the Dean of Honors at The University of Toledo, who served as the Director of Service Learning from 1999 – 2005.  Hoch was instrumental in initiating and nurturing the role of civic engagement at The University of…

Centering Social Justice in the Scholarship of Community Engagement

Michigan Journal of Community Service Learning’s call for proposals for our upcoming special issue on Centering Social Justice in the Scholarship of Community Engagement, which will be co-edited by Tabbye Chavous and Tania Mitchell. They have recently decided to extend the deadline for proposals to February 15th. New scholars and graduate students are welcome to submit, and thier manager, Cecilia Morales, will be available for inquiries (including phone calls) to support potential contributors.

Challenges and Promises of Community Engagement Scholarship Call for Papers in JHEOE

CALL FOR PAPERS NOVEMBER 2019 Special Issue: Journal of Higher Education Outreach and Engagement Topic: Challenges and Promises of Community Engagement Scholarship Special Issue Co-Editors Theodore R. Alter, Susan Gust, Beth Velde, and Hiram E. Fitzgerald Academy of Community Engagement Scholarship The Academy of Community Engagement Scholarship (ACES) is composed of community and higher education scholars. It provides policymakers, higher education institutions and organizations, community leaders, and national and international entities access to individuals who have expertise in addressing complex societal issues through research jointly led by community members, community organizations and higher education. ACES is planning a Special Issue…

Assessing Service-Learning and Civic Engagement: Principles and Techniques

Description: This book offers a broad overview of many issues related to assessment in higher education, with specific application for understanding the impact of service-learning and civic engagement initiatives. This revised edition includes an additional chapter that explores recent changes in the assessment landscape and offers examples and resources for designing assessment strategies for community engagement in higher education. The original text includes narrative addressing assessment issues and strategies; a detailed discussion of learning from multiple research projects performed over the past two decades about impact on multiple constituencies –students, faculty, communities, and institutions; and a discussion of strategies for…

The Elective Carnegie Classification: Constructing a Successful Application

New publication from Campus Compact! Edited by Matthew Johnson & John Saltmarsh About the publication: The Carnegie Engagement Classification is designed to be a form of evidence-based documentation that a campus meets the criteria to be recognized as a community engaged institution. Editors Saltmarsh and Johnson use their extensive experience working with the Carnegie Engagement Classification to offer a collection of resources for institutions that are interested in making a first-time or reclassification application for this recognition.  Learn more

Indicators of an Engaged Campus self-assessment

Complete this self-assessment form and gain a snapshot of your institution’s civic vitality and learn where to direct your energy and think aspirationally. Download the form.