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The Pay it Forward initiative is developing a new generation of philanthropists through an innovative course-based service-learning program that engages Ohio college students in hands-on philanthropy, grant-making, and volunteer service while providing community nonprofits with much needed assistance during difficult economic times. Participating faculty infuse the study of philanthropy as a core component of the coursework and each course receives real dollars to award non-profit agencies. Students provide volunteer service to local non-profit agencies while simultaneously identifying community needs, establishing funding criteria, and engaging in group decision-making as part of the course.

Pay it Forward simultaneously improves student learning, faculty scholarship, college engagement, non-profit capacity, and community needs.  Pay it Forward is sponsored by Ohio Campus Compact and made possible through private foundations and organizations.

Since January 2010, Pay it Forward has engaged nearly 3,700 college students in 186 courses across 38 campuses in three states, dedicated nearly 67,000 volunteer hours, and invested more than $674,500 in more than 478 community-based organizations. *other courses have been funded with sustained local or campus resources*

If you are interested in developing Pay it Forward on your campus, contact Brenna Limbrick at 740.587.6366.

Video presentation by a student team at the University of Akron, to advocate for funding for their nonprofit:

Service-Learning, Student Philanthropy & Critical Pedagogy: Interview with Pay it Forward faculty member Emily Nemeth

On the surface, “Critical Pedagogy” and the “study of philanthropy” might seem to be disparate topics–certainly not something you would cover in your average Education course.  Yet, these seemingly disconnected concepts were a great fit for Pay it Forward, the Ohio Campus Compact service-learning program* that infuses the study of philanthropy and course-related community service hours into a variety of different curricula across disciplines and provides $2,500 for the class to award to local nonprofits.

Ohio Campus Compact sat down with Emily Nemeth, Visiting Instructor in the Department of Education at Denison University to discuss her experience in teaching Critical Pedagogy: Gender, Race, and Class in U.S. Education as a Pay it Forward student philanthropy course. Read the full interview.

Pay it Forward in the News!

Huffington Post’s Charity Doesn’t Always Begin at Home, ft. OCC Director Richard Kinsley


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