What We Do

Funding:   We invest in good ideas.

We invest in the civic engagement initiatives of our member campuses. Our innovative Pay it Forward student philanthropy grants engage students in service to the community and promote charitable giving and greater learning outcomes.

Training: We empower campus leaders to work with local communities.

We bring together scholars and community leaders and we put that brainpower to work to tackle issues like poverty, hunger and joblessness. Our symposiums, trainings & resources support campus-community engagement initiatives. And with our support, they make an even greater impact on students and in local communities.

Service: We build strong student connections.

Our AmeriCorps Student Resource Center Program supports campuses in identifying and providing much-needed resources to students who experience barriers to their academic success, while building leaders to serve our campuses and communities. We support campus programs and offices with resources and trainings that instill an ethic of service and focus on citizenship.

Hiram College Locks of Love Event
Hiram College Locks of Love Event


Ohio Campus Compact believes Ohio colleges and universities to be centers of civic engagement and renewal where all learning, teaching, and scholarship advance the public good and prepare students for active citizenship and democratic participation.


Keith Lanser (Mt. St. Joseph University) teaches a breakout session during our annual meeting
Keith Lanser (Mt. St. Joseph University) teaches a breakout session during the OCC annual meeting


To provide statewide leadership in mobilizing resources, services, and partnerships that strengthen Ohio colleges and universities’ capacity to educate students for civic and social responsibility and to improve community life.


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