Alternative Breaks

Alternative Break Citizenship schools

  • 2018-04-02
  • Alternative Break Citizenship schools

    The ABCs are week-long experiential training sessions that provide college student and staff leaders the knowledge, skills, and connections they need…

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    Assessing Service-Learning and Civic Engagement: Principles and Techniques

  • 2018-10-26
  • Assessing Service-Learning and Civic E...

    Description: This book offers a broad overview of many issues related to assessment in higher education, with specific application for understanding t…

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    Campus Community Partnerships

    The Facing Project Podcast

  • 2019-01-24
  • The Facing Project Podcast

    The Facing Project is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that connects people through stories to strengthen communities. We provide tools, a platform, and inspirat…

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    Carnegie Classification

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    The Elective Carnegie Classification: Constructing a Successful Application

    The Elective Carnegie Classification: ...

    New publication from Campus Compact! Edited by Matthew Johnson & John Saltmarsh About the publication: The Carnegie Engagement Classification is d…

    Civic Engagement in Health/Healthcare Fields

    • The University of California San Francisco’s Center for Community Engagement (CCE) coordinates and facilitates UCSF community-academic-health/healthcare partnerships to promote civic engagement and foster health and well-being. We leverage UCSF’s role as an anchor institution with the goals of creating opportunity, advancing equity and improving health outcomes.

    Faculty and staff tools

    Merrimack College Master’s degree in Community Engagement Online Courses Fall ’19

  • 2019-09-02
  • Merrimack College Master’s degre...

    The Merrimack College Master’s degree in Community Engagement is offering three four-credit courses, delivered online, this fall. For more information…

    Professional Development for Comm Engagement Professionals

  • 2019-05-13
  • Professional Development for Comm Enga... Marshall Welch’s Engaging Higher Education: Purposes, Platforms, and Programs for Community…

    aha! Process Trainings and Certifications

  • 2019-01-24
  • aha! Process Trainings and Certificati...

    Our mission is to enable individuals, institutions, and communities to stabilize and grow resources for all, particularly those in poverty. Check out…

    Indicators of an Engaged Campus self-assessment

  • 2018-03-01
  • Indicators of an Engaged Campus self-a...

    Complete this self-assessment form and gain a snapshot of your institution’s civic vitality and learn where to direct your energy and think aspiration…

    Free Speech & Inclusion on Campus: A Discussion Guide

    Free Speech & Inclusion on Campus:...

    How do we protect free expression, inclusion, and the open exchange of ideas at our colleges and universities?  Everyday Americans are deeply divided…

    Workshop modules-Peer-led Training for Interfaith Cooperation for Campus Staff and Paraprofessionals

    Workshop modules-Peer-led Training for...

    Building Regular Interfaith Dialogue through Generous Engagement (BRIDGE) is a series of downloadable modules focused on training campus professionals…

    Grants, Awards and Calls for Proposals

    Grant: Encouraging Citizen Involvement

  • 2019-05-15
  • Grant: Encouraging Citizen Involvement

    Letters of Inquiry due: 6/5/2019 The Herb Block Foundation seeks to help ensure a responsible, responsive democratic government through citizen involv…

    High Impact Practices

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    Initiative to Revive Civility

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    Initiative to Revive Civility Resources

    Initiative to Revive Civility Resource...

    Exploring the Opportunity: Bringing the Initiative to Revive Civility to Your Campus Incivility in America has reached epidemic proportions. Disrespec…

    Jobs in Ohio Higher Ed and Engagement

    This is a listing of Ohio higher education jobs. For a national list please visit the National Campus Compact jobs page.

    Defiance College- Director of Service Leadership Program

  • 2019-06-15
  • Defiance College- Director of Service ...

    Job Announcement Director of Service Leadership Program Director of Service Leadership Program 6-2019

    Fellowships and Field Placements with End Slavery Cincinnati

  • 2019-05-15
  • Fellowships and Field Placements with ...

    End Slavery Cincinnati’s mission: End Slavery Cincinnati will train, educate, and reach out to the community to create 100% awareness in the greater C…

    Nonprofit Professional Certification

  • 2017-06-07
  • Nonprofit Professional Certification

    The Nonprofit Leadership Alliance offers an online program to earn recognition as a Certified Nonprofit Professional. Details about costs and coursewo…

    Pay it Forward Grant Forms

    Pay it Forward Grant Forms

  • 2018-04-03
  • Pay it Forward Grant Forms

    Use these forms to submit required information online. Community Partner Report COURSE Report  

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    Public Discourse

    Public Discourse Resources for Campuses

  • 2017-11-09
  • Public Discourse Resources for Campuse...

    Brought to you by Campus Compact for Southern New England. Public Discourse is an ongoing public conversation that can take many forms, ranging from i…

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    The Cambridge Handbook of Service Learning and Community Engagement

  • 2017-06-22
  • The Cambridge Handbook of Service Lear...

    With contributions from leading experts across disciplinary fields, this book explores best practices from the field’s most notable researchers, as we…

    The Community Engagement Professional in Higher Education: A Competency Model for an Emerging Field

  • 2017-06-22
  • The Community Engagement Professional ...

    This book, offered by “practitioner-scholars,” is an exploration and identification of the knowledge, skills, and dispositions that are central to sup…

    Raise Your Voice: A Student Guide to Making Positive Social Change

  • 2017-06-22
  • Raise Your Voice: A Student Guide to M...

    This hands-on guide speaks directly to student leaders seeking to improve the effectiveness of their engaged work while enhancing their academic and c…

    Podcasts and Webinar Library - National Campus Compact

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    Compact Nation Podcasts

    Compact Nation Podcasts

    Check out the monthly podcasts from national Campus Compact! Learn more

    Webinar series library

    Webinar series library

    Expand your learning with webinar recordings from the national Campus Compact webinar series. Learn more

    Social Entrepreneurship

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    Voter Engagement

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    Voting Rights and Elections Resource Center from the Brennan Center for Justice

    Voting Rights and Elections Resource C...

    Voting is the foundation of our democracy. The Brennan Center is at the center of the fight to preserve and expand the right to vote for every eligibl…

    Resources from other state Compact offices

    Resources from Oregon Campus Compact

  • 2017-01-27
  • Resources from Oregon Campus Compact

    Click here to check out resources on Service Learning and Equity from Oregon Campus Compact. 

  • Find more resources in the National Campus Compact