June 13, 2023

Meet Jared LaPointe, AmeriCorps member at Hiram College, and read about how the Student Resource Center is bringing awareness to sexual assault and expanding other initiatives for students on campus.

We opened our Student Resource Center in January of this year and were able to start the process of integrating service and use of community resources on campus! Our main initiative was reopening the Hiram Access Pantry for Personal Items (HAPPI Place), a student led campus resource that had been closed for over a year. Through great community partners and donations, The HAPPI Place can sustain itself through Fall semester of 2023.

In April, our SRC hosted events on Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM), including a service- learning event where AmeriCorps members and Hiram College students learned about consent and bystander training, as well as packing fifty aftercare kits and donating them to Townhall II for SA/DV survivors in Portage County. On campus, we had booths at the dining hall and registration for capstone presentations where students could sign the pledge to end sexual violence on Hiram College’s campus. After signing, each student was given a teal ribbon to signify support for SAAM.

One of the best moments in my time of service was seeing an abundance of teal ribbons when attending capstone presentations. It was amazing to see students, faculty and staff united for a great cause.” -Jared LaPointe

In May, the HAPPI Place won a Student Leadership Award for being the Most Sustainable Initiative on campus!

Now that it is summer at Hiram College, a lack of resources has been identified by residents staying in summer housing. Dining service only runs on a limited schedule Monday through Friday, with no weekend service. The HAPPI Place stocked the kitchenette of the residence hall with a variety of healthy food and drink options for the summer residents.

I am so excited to serve another year with AmeriCorps and OCC at Hiram College. We are planning some new initiatives on campus including blood drives with an opportunity to win a scholarship through Vitalant, bi-monthly shopping trips for those who don’t have cars on campus, and monthly themes where we deep dive into a specific cause or issue and host a service-learning event.

About Jared:

Jared LaPointe is a Junior at Hiram College. He is majoring in Educational Studies, with a focus in Higher Education and Residence Life. After graduating in spring 2024, Jared plans to get his Masters Degree in Higher Education Administration. He intends on working in student accessibility services and advocacy. Jared is also the Vice President of Education Club at Hiram. This is Jared’s first year as an AmeriCorps member and is very excited to serve!