Great Stories from OCC’s AmeriCorps Student Resource Center- Lorain County Community College

December 16, 2021

Victoria is a second year Student Resource Center AmeriCorps member serving at Lorain County Community College. She’s currently studying Psychology at Cleveland State University and plans on going into Child Psychology. Aside from studying, she enjoys art and music!

Written by Sarah Boeglin, Ohio Campus Compact’s Student Resource Center Coordinator at Owens Community College

 “Since I work closely with the Commodore Cupboard Food Pantry on campus, I noticed that there was a huge need for diapers and wipes for the patrons, especially from single mothers. We get requests every day from mothers looking for diapers for their babies. Upon further research, I found out that diapers and wipes are not covered by SNAP, which means that these moms are paying for them out of pocket. I decided that I needed to find a way to help. I appealed to the wonderful people that work and attend classes at Lorain County Community College for help. From October 18th-29th, I held a diaper and wipe drive in the College Center of LCCC. I had my supervisor send out the flyer to everyone and I planned to sit a table in College Center to help promote the drive. With the help from everyone, we were able to collect 3,469 diapers and 81 packs of wipes. We also had a couple of cash donations to help-out the cause.”